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My obsession for RVA started after I left to move to Nashville, TN. I’m from here, but have also lived in Auburn, AL and Nashville. While away in Music City, I realized how much I missed this AMAZING TOWN!

This is my second go-round at HOT and I am totally stoked to be back with a great station/city/music culture.

MY CELEBRITY CRUSH IS: Wentworth Miller, even if he does play for the other team. It used to be Shia LaBeouf until he fell off the Twitter deep end.

THE SONG THAT I RAP THE BEST: ”Love the Way you Lie” by Eminem and Rhianna. Well…I technically only know the 3rd rap part by Eminem. It’s legit.

I HAVE A FEAR/PHOBIA OF: I’m not telling you because spiders will start popping up in my studio. Oops.

IF I COULD HAVE DINNER W/ 1 PERSON IT WOULD BE: Katy Perry, just to see if she smells like cotton candy. And so we could be besties.

IF I WASN’T WORKIN’ AT HOT I’D BE: a stripper. I like to dance. Just kidding. I’d be and am a photographer.

I BET YOU DIDN’T KNOW I: enjoy being in the mosh pit during rock shows and in the balcony for pop shows. Rock shows are more of a workout protecting yourself from the other crays. Pop shows – I like to be able to see all the stage and theatrics from above.

MY FAVORITE DVD IN MY COLLECTION IS: Out Cold, Elizabethtown and the ENTIRE TWILIGHT SAGA! (Classics, I know.)

MY GUILTY PLEASURE TV SHOW IS: Dexter, Walking Dead, Weeds, Girls, and Prison Break. (And I wonder why I get nightmares…) I also dig Modern Family.

I HATE: putting my sandwich in plastic bag. But only the ZIPLOCK brand. It makes my sandwich taste like plastic. I normally put it in foil. No plastic taste = Happy Allie.


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